* Facts: A SOA-Factor means a Significant Other Acceptance Factor. We have borrowed the expression from Steve Lefkowicz at Positive Feedback. SOAF is absolute relevant as soon as more than the hifi-enthusiast is involved in the decisions of how to furnish the living room with hifi gear. You can´t imagine how many SOAF there is (and what they have caused)! We will explain them step by step according to relevance and actuality. – Keep smiling and listening!

SOAF 1: Placement

Larsen Ortho Acoustic Speakers are very different from traditional front firing speakers. The fact that all our speakers must be placed flush against the rear wall in the listening room to perform the best make them different. Very different. Very few other high-end speakers are competing with these floor standing towers when it comes to placement. We are among the few constructed to use reflections from ceiling and walls and balancing reflected and direct radiating sound waves.

Traditional front firing speakers must be placed as stated in “the golden rectangle rule” to perform their best. In a normal living room it means al least 3 feet (90 cm) from the backwall to reduce reflections and boomy bass. From side walls the distance must be 1,6 times the distance from the back wall on both sides. So to furnish a living room with traditional front firing high-end speakers is a kind of a job. To this you can add the refurnishing when it is time to play to figure out where in the room the sweet-spot is.

Larsen - The ortho acoustic speakers

SOAF 2: Playing with colours

Larsen Ortho Acoustic Speakers are playing with the room in more than one aspect. We use to tell that all our speakers are very easy to furnish because they must be placed flush against the rear wall in the listening room. But there is another way to play with a normal living room. Imagine that you could choose any colour you want and get it on the speakers. Is this possible? The answer is: Yes, it is!

From more than thirty years experiences of installing ortho acoustic speakers we have learned that the SOAF-factor colour is very important. In all connections where one or more other person than the hifi-enthusiast are involved this factor is highly relevant. Quite often we have faced the fact that one in the family are taking care the interior decorating. It might be a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or someone which the hifi-enthusiast share the living room with. This means that normal family democracy must be considered. So why not find the easy way out? Choose a colour on the speaker cabinet which fit the interior decorating. A veneer or a colour which create harmony in the living room.

Choose the colour you want!

We follow an international colour standard called NCS (Natural Colour System). The only thing you as a customer have to do is ask your paint dealer or your painter to transform your colour sample to an NCS code.