A unique design

Larsen believes in evolution and not revolution when it comes to products.
Larsen speakers are designed and constructed to thrive and perform phenomenally in your room, by incorporating surface reflections in the design process; enriching the listening experience, instead of degrading it.

We want

We want you to enjoy the pleasure of listen to a good recording as if it had been in reality. At the same time we want you to make best use of the space and the loudspeakers a discreet part of your room. Larsen’s speakers are optimized with top sound quality designed to use the room and make the speaker almost completely integrated with the front wall. 

We believe

Larsen speakers are designed to use the surface sound reflections to its advantage and thereby enrich the listening experience. We know that sound from boundary surfaces is a part of the recording and listening process and that it adds timbre and fullness to the instruments and voices of the musicians. We believe in Ortho Acoustic speakers that plays with the room.