Successfully cooperation

At the time when the work with Larsen speakers started – late 2006 – Anders Eriksson alias Naqref, John Larsen and Stefan Björklund were the drivers in the developing team who established the platform for what should show up to be an international success. The skills the three guys put together in Larsen 4 were absolute perfect from the point of view of lifting Stig Carlsson´s  ortho acoustic principels to a new level. In an early stage they saw the potential in this smal cabinet with the strange look and the discret outfit. The work escalated and 2014 they had figured out 3,5 models. But then it happened. The whorse case scenario. The 7 of may 2014 Anders died on the hospital of Kristianstad. In an age of just 44 years old he left with much more left to do.

On this page we will keep the memory of Anders alive and try to tell the story of six years intenst and successfully cooperation. – The story will continue.