I just bought a pair of Larsen and I wonder how should I place them to get the best out of them?

This is a very tricky question to answer in general because we don´t know which regards you operate with. But there are some rules which we recommend:

  1. They must be placed flush against a wall. With flush we mean 1-10 cm/0,5-4 inch from the back wall.
  2. Try to figure out a triangle with three equal sides. Place a speaker in two corners and yourself in the third. The room where you place the speakers will determine how long the sides can be. The distance to the side walls should not be less than 40 cm/15-16 inch. If you can´t apply these recommendations you can always try to adjust them to fit your room and how you furnish the room.
  3. The fact that we recommend an equal side of the triangle does not mean that you need a traditional sweet spot where you should place your favorite chair. The intention is to find a way to figure out the distance between the speakers. With Larsen Ortho Acoustic Speakers, you don´t need an exact sweet spot to get a perfect sound picture. Our speakers fill the room with music.


I decided to buy a pair of Larsen 4.3. Is it possible to get them in a color that match my room

Absolutely! You can get Larsen 4, Larsen 6 and Larsen 8 in which color you want. On this website you can read more under the section Learn more -> SOAF makes us different.


Carlsson principles. Can you explain them to me?

We can not explain all the details of Stig Carlsson’s Ortho Acoustic principles but we can recommend you to download “Design and performance principles” from CarlssonPlanet. How Larsen Hifi have managed and developed the principles you can read more about in the section “Learn more -> Ortho Acoustic“.

Is my amplifier good enough for changing from Larsen 6 to Larsen 8?

I have an amplifier that develops 200 w together with about 40 amps, and to my ears it sounds terrific. I am thinking about changing from
Larsen 6 to Larsen 8 and my dealer said to me that your speakers thrive on good dollops of power. Would like to keep my amplifier but if I can improve the sound, I am happy to do so. My question is, what amps do you prefer with your speakers?
If you already have acquired the taste of your Larsen 6 Ortho Acoustic way of reproducing your music, maybe you have also identified what and how they give you an advantage over normal loudspeakers placed out in the room.
There is no change of amplifier that can give you a better upgrade compared to going for a pair of Larsen 8 or Larsen 9. The design of the Larsen 8 takes it to the next level. A good quality 200 W amplifier will be enough to get the most out of a pair of Larsen 8.

Does it matter how I connect my Larsen speakers to my amp?

A very good question because it is very important that the speakers are connected to right phase on the amp. + on speaker to + on amp and the same with – .