Larsen 9

    Top of the line

    Fundamental understanding of Stig Carlsson’s ortho acoustic principles paired with Nordic furniture tradition and the best loudspeaker drivers on the market, Larsen 9 is a very potent 2.5 way loudspeaker system in a smooth and soft bentwood suit. By virtue of its highest quality drivers, their unique placement and angles, flanked by absorbers, the Larsen 9 creates a rich three-dimensional sound stage, the ability for you to hear the smallest details and a life like ambience.

    The two bass drivers working together below 300 Hz gives a rich, deep and precise bass with very low distortion all the way down to 22 Hz. The low distortion and wide but controlled energy dispersion in the high frequencies makes the Larsen 9 loudspeaker sound true to the musical performance in a larger listening area in the room compared to traditional loudspeakers. The two upwards facing ambience tweeters, same as the Larsen 8, helps reproduce ambience and depth to the sound stage for recordings where this is actually present.

    The two 7 inch drivers together with their mirror images in the wall due to the close proximity equals a driver piston area, (SD), larger than a 12 inch driver, hence the effortless deep low frequency performance. There is not a need for a separate subwoofer to reproduce everything on your records.

    Just listen and love it!

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