Larsen 4

    Welcome to the Larsen family of Ortho Acoustic speakers!

    Larsen 4 is still, after more than ten years on the market, the first relation with floor standing ortho acoustic speakers for many people. You get a warm tonality, a big sound spectrum from 28 Hz bass to what your ears can take from this 2 way system with a very small footprint.

    With a pair of Larsen 4, you have no need for a separate subwoofer or an exactly calculated sweet spot. Like all other Larsen ortho acoustic speakers they are very easy to furnish. You just put them discreetly close to the wall and they fill the room with your favorite music from your favorite source.

    Let the upgraded version Larsen 4.3 (2021) be your first step into the ortho acoustic world. We are sure you will find all the advantages with a pair of Larsen in your living room.


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